South Pasadena light tinkle

If you’re ever traveling to or from Downtown or East Los Angeles on the Metro goldline, you will find one of my favorite places to stop, at South Pasadena station on Mission Street. It is even home to my favorite farmers market held on Thursday evenings. There always comes a time when I need to relieve myself, whether it be during my travels on the light rail, or while buying my way through the farmers market. And why not do it at one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever taken a pee? I favor it so much so that it brings back nostalgia from my childhood, due to the swaying trees and the train noises just outside its window.


Just adjacent to the train tracks on the north side of Mission Street, sits coffee shop slash ice cream parlor, The Moo on Mission. It doesn’t hurt that their ice cream and variety of lunch sandwiches are exceptional, but the real gem lies on the ground of their second floor restroom. Its mosaic tiles on the ground creates a visually stunning colorful experience, along with the quirky hand painted blue door. Although it is a delight to stay on the throne of this room, make sure to be considerate, as it’s the only restroom in the facility. Besides, there is a giant cow statue on the second floor that you should also take a look at.

The Moo on Mission Street

1006 Mission St
South Pasadena, CA 91030
United States

Flavor to try: grapefruit sorbet, so refreshing and no added sugar. Delicious! Try their sandwiches too!


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