After Disneyland Party

When Mickey has finally conquered evil with his imagination at the ending of my favorite thing (Fantasmic!) at the Happiest Place on Earth, it is time to do what feels like an unorthodox practice of having a drink at Downtown Disney.  Contrary to popular belief, a restaurant at DTD will cost you the same amount as the same franchise you dine at outside of the park.  Being a musician and an introvert who is drawn to dark (as in low lit) places, naturally,
my favorite place to get a drink at this magical place is the House of Blues.  Of course, with drinks, comes the inevitable trip to the you know what:


The House of Blues boasts a rocker-turned-chic style with metal trim and stalls combined with soft, feminine wall and ceiling paint detail.  The lighting is just perfect; blending the dark, soft ambiance of the restaurant well into the walkway from the door of the restroom to the actual stall.  It makes for a relaxing relieving experience.  The best part about this restroom, however, is the wonderful fact that it is rarely crowded.  I don’t know if they have a restroom upstairs where the music is or what’s the deal, but I take full advantage of no one being in there if I need to do more than tinkle if you know what I mean.   You should too! Enjoy 🙂


Location: 1530 S. Disneyland Dr.Anaheim, CA 92802

Recommended Dish: Applewood Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf paired with any available Cabernet Sauvignon


Chili cook-off LB

At a local hangout where you can get your billiard and jukebox game on, all while supporting your favorite dive bar community, the V Room on 4th street Long Beach served up a tasty chili competition last Sunday, November 9th. With all the tasty treats entering my body system with a glorious partnering of delicious margaritas provided by Sino Tequila , it was no wonder that the hippest place to be that day (besides the parking lot-turned patio) was the ladies room! Although tiny in size, this lady like resting hole comes fully decked out with a vanity mirror with a zebra striped seat, a full length mirror, and checkered patterned floors.
I had the amazing opportunity to have the most hilarious conversation as I was having my first visit on the toilet that morning.

Lady: Oh my god, I’m really sorry, but I have to go so bad. But, I’m here for you and I understand what you’re going through

Me: I’m sorry, I’m still going but I’ll try to hurry up.

Lady: it’s alright, I know, but oh my god I really have to pee! I was out there and my friend took me here and I ate all the chilis and it was so gross! Now, I really have to go bathroom!

Me: Hahahaha I know, I usually go number 2 when I wake up, but I couldn’t this morning so I’m doing it now .

Lady: haha oh my god .


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The V Room
918 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90802

Recommended Drink:
Margarita with Sino Tequila

My winner of the chili cookoff: Brett from the dive across the street The Stache with his all lamb meat chili

San Marino Way

Coming from an Asian family, noodle cravings only come once in a blue day of every single week. Therefore, it is to my delight that this restroom serves one of the most varietal noodle houses in the San Gabriel Valley: Noodle World. In the quaint town of San Marino, lies this treasure of a Spanish style building all equipped with its beautiful walkway, a stained
glass ceiling light, and detailed wooden wall windows. Not to be overly romantic, but outside you can literally hear the birds chirping. It is the outdoor/indoor feel of this lovely facility that truly makes this a tranquil and unique relieving experience.




Serving many facilities including:
Noodle World
932 Huntington drive
San Marino, CA

Recommended dish: Sea Food Tom Kah

Welcome to my guide

This guide is dedicated to my infatuation with being comfortable while relieving yourself. I have the impeccable fortune of needing to tinkle every half an hour mostly due to my water consumption. I hope that more people besides myself find it infatuating to know where you can have a comfortable and visually stunning restroom experience. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!